German Shepherd Dogs

"Striving to be the best we can be"

We are small and home based. We are blessed with 1 planned litter per year. We do try to stay small (which is at times a challenge in itself) and strive to present in the show ring dogs that we feel are close to the German Shepherd Dog standard. Occassionally, we will hang on to promising babies and "grow them out" in hopes that they will mature to be as beautiful as we suspect they will be. Sometimes they do not grow up as we hope or we find we are no longer planning to use them in our breeding program..... it is at this time we offer up "older, young dogs" to folks who will invite them into their hearts and homes and allow the dog to live a "life of luxury"

Also, on occasion, we will hang on to very promising puppies and offer them for sale to show & breeding homes in hopes that the person who invites them into their life will benefit from that particular bloodline.

Also, on occassion, we will use this page to let you know where you can get a puppy if we do not have any available.

We do not have any puppies available at this time but we are expecting a litter this spring

Please email for more information

Please see puppies page to see what we currently have coming up later in the year

email us at hellwigg