"striving to be the best we can be"



The love of German Shepherds started at a young age. Amazed at their intelligence, loyalty and beauty I coveted the breed and when I was old enough to make my own decisions I bought my first German Shepherd and had my first litter in 1973.

My first girl was a rich coloured sable girl "Ch. Haus Chloe's Travl" who moved like the wind. During those early years I delved into the German lines and bred to two handsome dogs freshly arrived to the states from Germany. Ch Asslan v Klamme and Ch Dick von Holtkamper See were beautiful boys and Travl produced a couple of nice litters for me. I was not to continue along those lines though and took time while I went to school to become an animal health technician. It was in school that I met and became friends with Carol Wilson who founded Arbeiter German Shepherds. Carol and I had a long friendship and dog partnership. We cobred many litters together and although Carol is no longer involved in the breed her legacy lives on in our dogs and hearts.

The girl I consider my "foundation bitch" was a beautiful coated bitch "Arbeiter's Canasta CD ROMC OVC" sired by Sel Ch Padechma's Persuasion. This girl could fly, she had the most amaziing side gait and a beautiful mind to match it.

Canasta produced well and some of my dog's pedigrees can be traced directly back to her when bred to Sel FV MV Ch Wencinshell's Eros ROMC OVC. Most notebly she produced:

Sel Ch Arbeiter's Forever Autumn

Ch Hellwigg's After Hours

Ch Hellwigg's Automatic Reflex

Ch Hellwigg's Bold As Brass

Ch Hellwigg's Got A Secret

Ch Hellwigg's Emotional Rescue

Canasta also produced bred to Sel Ch Doppeltay's Hawkeye

BIF Ch Arbeiter's Dallas

Ch Arbeiter's D'Tasha ROMC

Arbeiter's Deanna

Canasta's kids in turn became great producers and their names can be seen in many pedigree's today

I took another sabbatical from breeding to go back to school and graduate as a Behaviour therapist which is the career I am working in now.

Going back to Canasta's lines I was proud to own a couple of beautiful girls from Shereldean Shepherds and Dalshauna Shepherds who had expertly continued on from the original combinations of Canasta x Eros and Canasta x Hawkeye.

Ch Shereldean's Utmost of Arbeiter

Shereldean's Never Compare

Dalshauna's Abracadabra

I also introduced a new line into my life, a beautifully angulated boy with a charismatic personality.

Arbeiter's Derek Survival

While very busy with my new career I enjoyed some conformation shows with my kids but very much enjoyed the performance and therepy dog venues.

I had fun and opened new doors at this time in my life exploring new avenues

Vice president of the local all breed club

Obedience teacher for beginners, novice, advanced and conformation

Handling all breeds

Judging sanction matches, rare breed shows and specialties, puppy sweepstakes all groups

Critiquing litters for other breeders

Playing in Agility with some of my dogs

Doing Therapy work with my dogs

Doing some public relations, my guys were great embassadors of the breed

As my guys got older and moved on to the rainbow bridge I felt ready to "jump" into breeding again and the result of that you see on the rest of my pages, starting with FV Ch Shereldean's Legacy v Hellwigg OVC, Ch Windswept's Practical Magic OVC, Ch Windswept's Exectutive Decision OVC, Ch Brown Hill's BlackIce Kysarah and Kristari's Ani Which Way. FV Ch Shereldean's Legacy v Hellwigg and Kristari's Ani Which Way go directly back to Canasta.

For 15 of these years I also bred Doberman Pinschers under the Hellwigg prefix. It was a fun time in my life during which I handled my own dogs and had a blast. I am proud of my endeavors with the Dobes and felt that they also needed to be mentioned. Having won in both all breed and specialty shows they made me proud. If you "google" Hellwigg you can still see some of my dogs in some of today's pedigrees.

Ch Ventura's Black X-Calibre

Ch Hellwigg's Kandleabra

Ch Hellwigg's Shangrila

Ch Hellwigg's I'm Tuff Too

BPISS Ch Hellwigg's Mirage

BPIS Ch Hellwigg's Touch of Class

Ch Hellwigg's Touch of Magic

The dobes were awesome and when my last one travelled on to the rainbow bridge at age 12, I decided to concentrate fully on my first love, the German Shepherds.

This is a start to my history page.....I am planning on digging up some pictures of my ole guys and gals to add to this page.