Ch. Windswept's Practical Magic OVC H & E

August 16 1998 - October 03 2008

RIP my dear heart


Maggie at 9 + years young

Thanks to Melanie Springbett for this awesome picture of Maggie

Maggie is our pride and joy. We bless the day that her breeder Marie P Chavez (Windswept German Shepherds) blessed our house with her. She is a feminine, rich coloured lady who truly floats around. She loves life and everything she comes in contact with. She has a very correct front and rear assembly, long neck, high wither, correct feet & pasterns, full dentition, good bite, plush coat and dark eye. She is my "starting over bitch". I had not had a litter for several years as I was "having fun" with my old guys. As they started to move on to wait for me at the rainbow bridge I decided to search for a female south of the border. I found one in Maggie. I cannot sing high enough praises about her.

Thanks to all the judges who appreciated Maggie's excellant qualities. She finished very quickly.

Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed, Group 2cd - Pat Miller

Winners Bitch, Best of Winners - P. Wendling

Winners Bitch, Best of Winners - V. Lyne

Many thanks to Bill Randall and Donna Conod for their superb handling.



Maggie goes group 2cd the first weekend she is shown

Maggie can fly, she has suspension to die for

Good mama and a character to boot

mama and son steal the show

finished, ptd, or certified progeny to date

Multi BPIB Ch Hellwigg's Cabaret v Dalshauna RTD OVC H&E

Multi BPIG Multi BOB Ch Hellwigg's Kysarah My Girl OVC H&E

BPISS Ch Hellwigg's Showtime at Nacasha

BPINSS GROUP WINNING Multi BPIG Ch. Hellwigg's Fighting Burokai OVC H&E

Multi BPI B Ch. Hellwigg's Excessive Force TT OVC H&E

Multi BPIB Ch. Hellwigg's Shadowfax

Ch ptd. Hellwigg's Midnight Express OVC H&E

Hellwigg's Simply Irresistable OVC H&E

Hellwigg's Lexxus v Kidjuuk OVC H&E


Maggie's Pedigree

MV Am Mex Ch Utopia's Gigolo OFA

Sel Ch Jericho's Gatineau ROM HT OFA

Von Ivo's True Spirit of Jericho ROM OFA

GV Ch Riovalles Nestle Crunch ROM OFA

GV Ch VonIvo's Blythe Spirit

Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM OFA

Sel Ch Nike Clayfield's Andretti ROM OFA

Redfield's Syrup of Nordlich

Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM OFA

Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM OFA

Sel Ch Stuttgarts Sundance Kid ROMC OFA

Sel Ch Nike Clayfields Always A Lady ROM OFA

Randheims Restless Heart OFA

Ch Randheim's Gilley's OFA

Mariners Madonna of Randheim

Windswept's Libby v Utopia OFA

Ch Utopia's Weekend Warrior OFA

Ch Leiter's Excaliber ROM OFA

Proven Hill's Justin OFA

Weicho's Casino OFA

Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM OFA

Sel Ch Nike Clayfield's Andretti ROM OFA

Randheim's Restless Heart OFA

Backacher's Reah Grand (prelimmed)

Ch Bomar's Rio Grande v Covy Tucker Hill ROM OFA

Ch Heartbreaker of Bob-Lyn ROM

Covy Tucker Hills Sinderella ROM OFA

Lindasa's Jossete

Ch Hetermaster's Joey v Backachers OFA

Asset of Country Oaks

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Maggie enjoys Purina Pro-plan