*News Flash - Piper is in the TOP 10 FUT/MAT DAMS FOR 2008




Thanks to Melanie Springbett for this awesome picture of Piper

Piper is the girl I have been waiting for. She is exactly why I repeated the Eros x Maggie breeding, I was not disappointed. Piper is 8 months old in this picture. She is high drive, happy, outgoing, amazing foreassembly, high withered, correct front and rear, tight feet, correct pasterns, good bite, full dentition, beautiful dark eye, very feminine, rich coloured with a ton of suspension. Sounds perfect doesn't she, to me she is. Piper has produced awesome babies for us and she has not done yet.

Come back often and watch "my girl" grow and follow her career.

Piper wins the 6-9 class at her first specialty. Thank-you Lee Brown

Piper is awarded WB, BOW, BOS, BPIB for her first 3 points, out of the Sr. puppy class. Thank-you Henry Moulton

Piper is awarded RWB, PPIB then takes the puppy group. Thank-you Harold Hutchinson. Papa Frank could not make it this weekend so thanks to Jenn Somogyi for her stupendous job.

Piper is awarded RWB, BPIB. Thank-you Mr. Richard Verhulst. Thanks again to Jenn Somogyi for a great job.

Piper is awarded WB, BOW, BOS, BPIB for 5 points from the puppy class. Thank-you Betty McHugh. Yeah Jenn, way to go!

Piper is awarded WB, BOW, BOB (over specials), BPIB, BPIG for 4 points at 11 months of age. Thank-you Mr. E. Filipini. Yeah Jenn, our girl is finished.

Piper coming up to her 6th birthday


Piper at 22 months

Piper @ 15 mo. maturing nicely

Piper at 9 months of age

Piper's first all breed weekend with Aunt Jenn @ 9 months of age


Piper's Pedigree

FV Ch Shereldean's Legacy v Hellwigg AOM OVC

(click on Eros' name to view his webpage)

Sel Ch Shereldean's It's About Time OVC

Ch Heirlickheit's Elliott Ness

Sel Ch San Jo's Eastern Express ROM

Am Can 2x Seel Ch Covy Tucker's Violet v Aljan

Ch Shereldean's Have You Ever OVC

Kristari's New Adventure OVC

Ch Shereldean's Never Say Never OVC

Lacomtess Falon of Shereldean OVC

Ch Utopia's Richochet v Backacher OFA

Ch Utopia's Eliminator TC OFA

Backacher's Fame N'Fortune OFA

Kalamite Jane de Lacomtesse

Sel Ch San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM

Ch The Contessa of Danic

Ch Windswept's Practical Magic OVC

(click on Maggie's name to view her webpage)

MV Am Mex Ch Utopia's Gigolo OFA

Sel Ch Jericho's Gatineau ROM HT OFA

Von Ivo's True Spirit of Jericho ROM OFA

Sunday Silence of Nordlich ROM OFA

Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM OFA

Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM OFA

Randheim's Restless Heart OFA

Windswept's Libby v Utopia OFA

Ch Utopia's Weekend Warrior OFA

Ch Leiter's Excaliber ROM OFA

Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM OFA

Backacher's Reah Grande (prelimed)

Ch Bomar's Rio Grande v Covy Tucker Hill ROM OFA

Lindassa's Jossette

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